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John Barrowman Icons
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6th-Apr-2010 08:40 pm - 16 John Barrowman Icons
john barrowman
I come bearing Barrowman Icons! Sixteen of them!


(See more at Smiles Incorporated!)
22nd-Feb-2010 10:12 pm - 25 x John Barrowman Icons
Horizons →
25 x John Barrowman Icons
1. Do not steal -- please credit [info]
2. I'd love comments/notes that you're taking some
3. Please do not use them as icon bases


A fighting man does not forget why his love don't roam no more )

27th-Mar-2009 09:27 pm - John/Scott icons
My lips

9    John Barrowman & Scott Gill icons



( Throwing my icons into the ring )
18th-Jan-2009 07:28 pm - Torchwood Icons
My lips

22 Torchwood Comic Icons (Magazine Issue 3)
11 Assorted Torchwood cast icons



( Over at my journal )
27th-Nov-2008 02:20 am - Icons
spn » dean
23x John Barrowman
9x David Tennant


The rest are here at my journal
24th-Nov-2008 08:12 pm - The Hub icons
ej laugh s3filming
Hey, this is my first post here. Some icon-goodness from the photos I took on the Hub con.

[30] icons from the Hub con:
[10] John Barrowman

[9] Kai Owen
[7] Gareth-David Lloyd
[6]Naoko Mori

plus [8] other JB icons


Read more...Collapse ) I'm so fed up with these damn lj-codes... arghhhhhhhh! I had to rearrange this post 3 times cos the codes always messed the table... it still doesn't work properly, but I don't care anymore..... arghhhhhhhhhhh
10th-Nov-2008 11:11 pm(no subject)

Doctor Who, Britannia High, Ashes to Ashes,
Gossip Girl, Heroes, Robin Hood, Top Gear,
Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Supernatural,
The Tudors, Torchwood cast, misc. shows,
Adele, RBD, misc.
@ crystalcocaine
27th-Sep-2008 05:57 pm - TW & Faenol
[9] Silver Stars
[10] Stargate Atlantis
[9] Torchwood & Doctor Who Cast
[1] Lord of the Rings
[10] Hugo Weaving
[11] Goren&Eames
[13] Faenol Festival & Daniel Boys

tw_hush2a.png whocaststill6b.png daniel35.png

icons, icons, icons )
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